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Free Delivery on Hong Kong orders over HKD 500
Free Delivery on Hong Kong orders over HKD 500


Our facials begin with a personal consultation and in-depth skin analysis with our skincare expertise’s to ensure your treatment experience is entirely tailored to your skincare concerns such as anti-wrinkle, breakouts, stressed and sensitive skin.

  • Renew + Radiance
  • Anti-Age + Lift
  • Hydrate + Nourish
  • Acne + Blemishes
  • Sensitive
  • Brighten + Even Tone

USPA Customized Lifestyle Facial 60mins | $780

A customized vegan facial tailored just for your own challenging skin concerns and encourages a sense of wellbeing. Our hero elixir blends are crafted with the purest plant extracts to connect with your intuition through aromatherapy and enjoy a deep cleanse, exfoliation, clay mask, cell therapy, lymphatic face massage and skin nourishing hydration resulting in absolute radiance!

The Buccal Facial 75 mins | $1,880

The facial Duchess Megan Markle received the day before her wedding for a youthful, glowing and plump looking complexion. This secret to beautiful facial works by massaging the skin with a super glow oil from inside out to remove tension and stress from facial tissues as well as removing toxins and fluids that creates puffiness and congestion. The benefits include relaxation of the jaw muscle to create noticeably plumper lips and smoother facial lines due to the increased blood flow and collagen production.

Gemstone Facial 60mins $1,280 | 75mins $1,580

This facial harnesses the power of ancient Chinese massage techniques with crystal rollers and gemstone to reduce wrinkles, facial sagging, and eyebags or dark under-eye circles.

Sacred Nature Regenerative Elixir 60mins | $1,080

Youth-enhancing regenerating antioxidant face treatment.With formulations certified according to COSMOS guidelines, it nourishes, reoxygenates and protects the skin. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the personalized choice of mask and enhanced by specific techniques for each phase. The skin is immediately more compact and firm.

• DELUXE LIFT FACIAL 75 minutes | $1,680


A treatment which resurfaces, redensifies and lifts. Combined with the exclusive ACTIVE LIFT MASSAGE, it stimulates cellular regeneration, bestows fullness and redefines the volume of the face. Its specific action and efficacy is obtained thanks to the double peel followed by an innovative biphasic peel-off mask. Particularly recommended for skins which are mature, thickened, have an uneven skin tone (dyschromia), wrinkles, and visible loss of tone and volume.

• ULTRA GLOW PEEL FACIAL 60 minutes | $1,280


A treatment which resurfaces, improves cellular renewal and illuminates the face, neck and décolleté. The double peeling combined with Vitamin C guarantees the efficacy and modular action. Particularly recommended for skins which are mature, thickened, and with uneven skin tone (dyschromia).

• PRO-LIFT FACIAL 60 minutes | $1,480


A treatment which firm, replump anti-aging face and neck treatment. Combined with specific Kobido techniques, it restores fullness and redefines the volume of the face.

• HORMON-AGING™ FACIAL 60 minutes | $1,380 


Designed to alleviate the undesirable effects of Hormon-Aging™ on both skin and emotions, the treatment counters thinning of the skin, extreme dryness, loss of skin density and any feelings of fragility. Thanks to the Cell-Support Technology™, the innovative textures and special massage techniques, the facial improves and promotes deep regeneration of the skin and a new-found serenity and vitality.

HydraMemory Facial  60mins | $980

A deeply hydrating, antioxidant treatment for face, neck and décolleté. Leaves the skin hydrated and silky. Restores compactness, nourishment, and luminosity. Contrasts dehydration and premature aging. Offers a unique and very pleasurable experience thanks to the specific application of the mask with the brushes and the exclusive Comfort Touch Face Massage.

Flash Facial 35mins | $620

A quick fix facial treatment for face, neck and décolleté packed with hydration and antioxidants. Restores hydration and luminosity. Treats dehydration and premature aging cause by stress. For exceptionally dull and dehydrated skin that needs immediate repair. Ideal for all skin types.

Active Pureness Detoxifying Facial  70mins | $1,080

The solution to RESET skin balance, targeting clogged pores, mostly oily skin, breakouts, blemishes, enlarged pores, blackheads and getting deep down in skin purification. Highly effective double-action, detoxifying mask, a perfect treatment for those suffering from hormonal imbalance and kind to adolescent skin prone to breakouts and pimples. This facial is perfect for everyone to normalize skin and reduce pore visibility day after day. Alternate this facial between your favorite Comfort Zone Facials for deep cleansing action.

Active Pureness Deep Cleansing Facial  60mins | $880

Rebalances active sebaceous glands to get into deep cleansing action, drawing up impurities and surface congestion. A good cleansing action to bring out skin luminosity, smoothness and mattifying oily areas while it hydrates skin at the same time. Recommended for all skin types and is a unisex facial treatment.

Remedy Skin Defense Facial  60mins | $1,080

A facial treatment with PRE and PROBIOTIC and Omega 3 ingredients feeding and strengthening the skin’s immune system, calming skin inflammation and shuts down redness-prone skin. Creates strong skin barrier to provide double protection on the skin from microbes, allergens and irritants, keeping skin strong and resilient to damaging pollution and environmental factors. Soothing, balancing and a calming defense to prevent itching and tightness, bringing the skin back to a condition of health and calmness.

Alpha-H Glow and Go Facial 45mins $780 | 75mins $1,580

Alpha-H is the global leader in corrective and preventative treatments, bridging the gap between at-home skincare and invasive procedures.

Alpha-H signature facials target individual skin concerns while improving the overall health of the skin, combining potent active ingredients, vitamin infusions, and massage. These bespoke treatment facials can also include Accelerating Acid Peels, Enzymatic or Flower Acid Peels, and Hydration Infusion to provide incredible targeted resurfacing, rejuvenating, and hydrating results.

Alpha-H Glow and Go Facial 45mins $780

Alpha-H Glow and Go Facial 75mins $1,580

Intense Diamond Peel

Micro diamond crystals are used to gently buff off the first layer of skin. Amazing for sun-damage, anti-aging, skin pigmentation marks, acne scarring, discoloration and overall tone and texture.

Customized Diamond Peel Facial 75mins | $1,280

A customized nourishing hydration facial treatment with the benefits of the diamond peeling that cleanses polishes and repairs skin. It helps repair sun damaged skin and congested skin. It extracts blackheads and whiteheads. Smoothens appearance of scars and age spots and it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will achieve an immediate difference in the glow of your skin even after just one treatment.