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Free Delivery on Hong Kong orders over HKD 500
Free Delivery on Hong Kong orders over HKD 500
preNatal Yoga

PreNatal Yoga & Massage Package HK$1,150 (Save 35%!)

Relax and stay fit throughout your pregnancy, pamper yourself with a holistic wellness package especially designed for mums-to-be, including:

  • 3 Pre-Natal Classes at @yogaroomhk (Sheung Wan)

    Benefits include improved sleep, strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. Reduce stress and anxiety while decreasing lower back pain, nausea and headaches. 

    (Original Price: HK$660)

  • 1 Nurturing Mother-To-Be Experience (60mins) at Sense of Touch

    This full body massage is designed to answer the developing needs of mother and baby and to give you the nurturing treatment you both deserve. 

    (Original Price: HK$1,080)

Enquire now! WhatsApp 📲+852 6011 3698

Giveaway: Postnatal Jamu Massage (Abdominal Binding)


This postnatal massage, also called belly binding, aids new mothers in recuperating after childbirth. A blend of healing oils, plants and herbs are utilised for their natural healing properties. The three-part process starts with a relaxing whole body massage with emphasis on the chets to encourage lactation and milk flow. (Original Price: HK$1,280)


The Jamu Massage involves the application of an herbal paste on the abdominal area as well as a stomach binder that must be worn for hours. The treatment is used to bring down post-pregnancy swelling, relax and heal the body, expel wind, and clear milk duct blockage.

yoga room

About The Yoga Room:

The Yoga Room is a boutique yoga studio in the heart of Sheung Wan with four studios (3/F, 4/F, 6/F and 16/F). The Yoga Room is a sanctuary amidst the chaos below with its spacious and bright atmosphere.

With a focus on small classes and high-quality, personalized instructions, the teachers of The Yoga Room radiate with warmth and knowledge from their extensive and diverse trainings. 

3/F, Xiu Ping Commercial Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, HK