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Free Delivery on Hong Kong orders over HKD 500

Balancing Shower Aroma

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Five Senses Dreamtime Shower Aroma is blended with Lavender and Chamomile Oil to soothe your mind and prepare you for a peaceful night rest, with the addition of the Lemon Oil to promote positive energy.

Five Senses Rejuvenation Shower Aroma is blended with Lavender Oil that soothes your mind, with the addition of Orange Oil that has a sweet and refreshing aroma to create a harmony of balance and rejuvenation.

Five Senses Breathe Well Shower Aroma is blended with Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint Oil to relieve sinus congestion and invigorate your senses with a cool and refreshing aroma, with the addition of Lavender Oil, Cypress Oil and Marjoram Oil to soothe the mind and relieve tension.



Unwrap and place the Five Senses Shower Aroma on the corner of the shower floor or put it in a mesh hang bag. Turn on the shower, let the water sprinkle onto the product and enjoy a delightful experience with the Five Senses Shower Aroma!

Remark: a mild amount of water sprinkled onto the Shower Aroma will start to dissolve the product and release the aromas. Be careful not to drown the product with too much water that would dissolve it too quickly and drown the scent.


Chamomile Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Lavender Oil
Peppermint Oil*
Orange Peel Oil*
Marjoram Oil